Customers – Passes

Customers – Passes

In this window, you can see all studio passes of a customer (past and present). You can see the pass name, acquisition date, pass status, total sessions included in the pass, remaining sessions, pass expiration date, price of the pass, channel (records where the payment was made | in the studio or through the app), the person that received the payment, the method of payment (cash, POS or through the app), discount given, and any pending payments the customer might have regarding the pass.


Modify Remaining Sessions

By clicking on the blue digit in the Remaining Sessions column, you have the possibility to modify the number of remaining session in a studio pass. A pop-up window will appear.

Here you can increase or decrease the number of sessions included in the studio pass.


Modify Pass Expiration Date

By clicking on the blue date in the Expiration Date column, you have the possibility to modify the expiration date of a studio pass. A pop-up window will appear.

Just select a new expiration date for the studio pass and click update.


Creating a new Studio pass

By clicking on the  button, you can easily create a new pass for the customer.

First, you have to select the pass you wish to purchase for the customer. Then you have to check the box of the payment type: full payment, partial payment or no payment. Next to the full payment checkbox, you can insert the discounted amount received to give a discount to the customer or leave it blank to receive the full amount.  Next to the partial payment checkbox, you can insert the partial amount received and the discount given. Check the no payment checkbox if no payment was received at the time of purchase. All pending payments will show up in the customers passes window and will also be shown after every training session until the studio client has made the full payment of the pass.




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