EMS Studio – Booking Settings Tab

To setup and manage a studio, you have to be logged in to the Fit Express Network and you need to be a Studio Owner, Studio Manager, Trainer or Receptionist in order to administer the Studio. Some of the features might not be visible for Studio Managers | Trainers | Receptionists depending on studio permissions adjustments. Click on the Studio button from the top navigation menu.


EMS Studio Booking Settings

This is the tab where you can edit all Studio schedule settings.


Training Interval

You can modify the EMS Training intervals (how many minutes a training session lasts) the intervals can be set with 5 min differences from 0 to 120 minutes by sliding the slider to the desired time interval  We created such a large pool of settings on this slider due to the fact, that mobile trainers might need up to 2 hours to make a training session and travel to their next appointment.

After you have selected the desired time interval press the Update Bookings button to save the changes you have made.


Max Cancelation Time

You can adjust the Max Cancelation Time using the slider, where you can choose from 0 to 24 hours. This is the time interval in which you let your clients to cancel his/her booking in which they will not lose a training session from their membership. In cases of booking with the Fit Express pass, if the booking is canceled after the max cancelation time expired, the customer will lose this pass and pay for the missed training session. To set the Max Cancelation Time use the slider to select the desired interval and click the Update Bookings button to save changes.


Studio Schedule Settings

This is where you set your EMS Studios daily schedule.This is the schedule your customers will see on your EMS Studio Page (Web & Mobile) and the time interval where they can make the bookings. You can enter the time intervals for each day and set you want your studio to be open and press the set button for each day when finished.

If you have days when your studio is closed slide


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